I want you to watch the video at the end of this post, and imagine that it’s a brilliant satire perpetrated by Dan Aykroyd on the UFO conspiracy community.

As much as I’d like to believe that… I’m pretty sure he’s serious. I loved Dan Aykroyd as a kid, and it bums me out to be see him like this. Watching Ghostbusters seems just a little sad when you wonder if Aykroyd believes he’s secretly rehearsing for when he’ll have to do this for real.

I was several drinks in when I watched this, so it took me four questions to realize that John Stamos’s failed clone is just a framing device for Aykroyd to launch into whatever bizarre theory he could buy stock footage for.

As you’re watching–try not to look at the title–try to decide if this was made in the ’90s or a decade later.  These were the thoughts going through my mind:

  • “There’s no way this wasn’t recorded off of VHS. It has to have been 1992, right?”
  • “Wait, did someone just reference Cheney? Maybe it’s 2003…?”
  • “But they’re using the X-Files typewriter thing! Fuck, I don’t know, 1995?”

Bonus drinking game!  Trust me, this “documentary” will make you want to drink. Take a drink every time:

  • Discount Chachi halfheartedly reads off a cue card
  • A world leader is deliberately misinterpreted or played out of context
  • Aykroyd just happens to mention that he knows famous people
  • You are presented with dubious statistics from questionable sources
  • You see a grainy photo or video that was obviously fake when they played it five minutes ago
  • Drink two if the colors in the grainy video invert while a voiceover dramatically expresses a point.
  • There are pixels in a video large enough that they couldn’t be covered with a playing card
  • Just before the end credits begin, start drinking. The person who makes it through the final “thank you” to Aykroyd without spraying beer out of his or her nose, wins movie watching.